Replace Jeep Wrangler JKU brake pads

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Tools Needed

  • Brakleen
  • Wheels: 19mm (3/4″)
  • Bleeder screw (if needed) 11mm wrench
  • Caliper
    • Slide bolts 13mm socket + 15mm wrench
    • C clamp or other tool to compress caliper piston
    • Make sure to check boot, etc.
    • Check grease on slide bolts and slide boots – clean and re-pack
    • Rags to clean the grease
    • Some wire/short bungee to hang caliper
    • Wire brush/wheel to clean rust off of clip mounting locations (make sure to do this very well or the clips can loosen and jam the pads!)
    • High temp grease/silicone glide
  • Caliper bracket short 18mm socket
    • Loctite 272 – high temp
  • Brake Fluid DOT 3
    • 4318080AD
    • Standard MS-4574
  • Caliper Assembly (left rear)
    • Disc Brake Caliper Assembly, Left – Mopar (68003774AA)
  • Rear Brake parts Mopar
  • Disc Brake Pin Kit – Mopar (68003777AA)
  • Brake Hose To Caliper Gasket – Mopar (6502114)


  • Remove caliper and caliper bracket
  • Open brake tank in engine bay (leave cap on loosely to prevent dirt from getting in)
  • Push in caliper piston with c-clamp and old brake pad. Be careful not to tear the rubber boot!
  • Clean and replace clips on caliper bracket if needed, and lube
  • Replace caliper bracket, add loctite, and snug down
  • Add new calipers (much easier than trying to do this off the vehicle)
  • 77 foot lbs for caliper bracket
  • Replace caliper, 26 foot lbs

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