2023 Jeep Gladiator Factory Exhaust Leak

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The Gladiator was driven off the lot with this problem. Because of Winter, windows were closed during test drive. On the way home I did open the windows and then with successive testing, I found the issue to be at the exhaust flange between exhaust header system and muffler system.

The video below shows where the leak is along the length of exhaust system. At around the 30 second mark it is clear where the leak is.

Here’s the assembly from a Mopar picture. It is at item #10.

Picture of the clamp before removing it:

After getting approval from the service manager, I removed the clamp to attempt to readjust it. I first tried to tighten it, but it was already tightened as far as it could go.

Part 1 of 2 – it looks like the design on the mating between the pipes is not great. This joint did not spread after removing the clamp. It looks like the silver flange is not long enough to seal well enough on the bronze looking flange. The clamp itself is specifically located by that welded on tab (I used a screwdriver to lift the locking mechanism).

Part 2 of 2

Here’s a top view of the pipe. It is too close to get an in focus shot, but note the highlighted area. That is just about where the jaws of the clamp close. There is a void at the seam which will let gasses out, regardless of the clamp.