Made in Austria Kitchen Hinges

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Your 1980’s frameless kitchen cabinets need some new hinges. They might say “Made in Austria” or “Made in W. Germany”, from the days before unification.

The following are replacement parts that have worked for me for the following parts:

Existing Hinge: Made in Austria Part # 651.200318.00 + 500.200.77.07

Replacement Hinge: Blum 70955

Make sure to read about the different mounting plates. My door was flush to the mounting point, so I got these BH173L6100-p6553. Make sure to get the right screws, as well 6 x 5/8 inch Flat Head Hinge Screws.

If you buy the Blum, make sure to buy the “Blum Plate Guide Template”. It will save you a lot of hassle in getting the right screw locations. For my cabinets, I needed the 20mm spacing. The instructions call for 32mm from the edge. It’s a little difficult to hold it at the 20mm dimples, but just use some painters tape.

If you’re looking for cheaper hinges that seem to match well, try “berta” hinges. I replaced most the regular door hinges with the 110 Degree Full Overlay Soft Close Frameless Cabinet Hinge. Look on Amazon for these. You can tell the quality difference between Blum and Berta, but they have held up just fine.

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