Covid Sore Throat Ginger Tea Remedy

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Covid in October, 2022

My partner went on a business trip, the first since the pandemic began and many of her teammates were meeting face to face for the first time. Unlucky for her, the gift of Covid was given.

Her first day was an intense drowsiness and mild sore throat. She came back after a five hour drive and passed out for 12 hours with a high fever. She felt a little better, but was still running a fever, but her throat had began to ache, which got progressively worse over the next 12 hours. “It’s like having strep, but worse,” she said.

Old Recipe, New Tricks

I had learned this recipe ages ago and it works wonders for:

  • If you have the flu and can’t keep anything down, you can drink this
  • If you have sore throat

It’s pretty simple: boiling water, fresh ginger, half a lemon, a pinch of salt, and some good honey.

While the type of honey doesn’t seem to matter that much, I have anecdotally found that raw honey seems to work best. Highly processed honey just doesn’t seem to stick or coat as well — perhaps it is because filtering and processing removes all traces of the comb? I don’t know.

The health and benefits of ginger and honey are for another discussion. I make no claims about their healing properties, only that raw honey seems to work better on sore throats.

The Recipe

  • Boiling water
  • A chunk of fresh ginger, chopped or sliced, about the length of the first two joints on your index finger – you can’t go wrong here – more is better than less. Scrape the skin off with a spoon – it is the easiest method.
  • Half a lemon, squeezed (or use the whole thing)
  • One big tablespoon of raw honey. Manukora Manuka Honey from New Zealand is meant to be the top dog in honey. It is supremely delicious in my opinion (and expensive). You can just buy some local raw honey from a farm stand, or find it in your local store. If all you have is some good old bear honey, then use that
  • Pinch of salt – this really helps to replace salt


  • Add the ginger and boiling water to a mug, mash with a spoon. Let it steep and cool for a couple minutes
  • Add the lemon, pinch of salt, and then the honey. Stir well.

That’s it. I have never had someone come back and say it didn’t help.

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  1. I agree, that recipe is outstanding. Ive used it when I have had a cold/flu a few times. As an additional benefit, may I suggest you put in a few pepper flakes. I don’t really enjoy spicy food myself. When heated I believe the capsasin in it helps with expelling mucus. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Shalom

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