DJI Phantom 4 Stocking Stuffers 2016

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Get some Stocking Stuffers

Looking for some stocking stuffers for your drone friend with a DJI Phantom 4? While I already made a post about getting the propeller connectors, I thought I’d make a list of items that anyone should have when they go out flying for quick field fixes, as well as a couple other nice-to-haves.

Note: looking to find a Mavic Pro? Good luck! They have caught up with some demand, but they’re still hard to find. Best places to look: Apple Stores (don’t bother calling – they might have stock but they won’t tell you over the phone). Best Buy occasionally has them in stock. B&H Photo, etc.

Everything is official DJI and Polar Pro. Your warranty expires when you use third party equipment.

Note: these are NOT for the Phantom 4 Pro, although you can use the batteries in the P4 with the P4 Pro.

Opinion on which model to get: The Pro model has some really, really nice new features like the extra sensors and the mind-blowing camera. However, the regular Phantom 4 is still an amazing piece of kit. If you have the budget for the Pro and nothing else, then get the regular model and spend the rest on accessories!

Extra propellers. Always needed. It took me a year before I had a couple crashes and was glad I had extra props. Nothing is worse than having everything charged and nowhere to go. This is a set of 4 (2 pairs).


Propeller connectors. Get two of these as you often break two props when crashing. The bag comes with with white and one black connector, so if you break two white ones you’re done for.


You will need the right screw driver to replace them. This is reasonably priced, fits all the screws, and is compact. Has magnetic tips, as well!


Battery charging hub. You don’t need this, but it is really useful. Instead of having to plug in, unplug, then plug in the next battery, you can just throw three on at one time. Trust me: when you fly a lot this little bit of automation is really, really, handy. Also, if you come home with charged batteries you switch it to storage mode, put the batteries on and forget them. Yes, that batteries come with an internal storage mode, but this is just another piece of mind. Note: for some reason the prices fluctuates wildly. I bought this in November 2016 for $50. Now they’re almost $90. I don’t know what the deal is.


Ok, I lied. This is a micro-sd card from SanDisk. They’re cheap, so get one for each battery. Why? I replace the sc card each time I go up in case something happens. Then I always have my video from the previous flight.


Gimbal Protector. A new camera gimbal is around $400! This can help with hard landings, especially if you’re landing on uneven ground – the camera is about an inch above the ground when resting.


Finally, batteries. The price doesn’t exactly scream stocking stuffer, but batteries are probably the best gift to buy because it means more flight time, of course.


That’s it. I would be psyched to get some (well, all) of this stuff for a stocking stuffer or as any gift, be it Christmas or any other day of the week.

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