Deploy Barracuda Network Access Client in Intune

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Just a quick guide as a reference for installing the Barracuda client into Azure Intune. Does not include VPN profiles.

Download new client, in this case NetworkAccessClient_5.3.3-17_x64.exe

I create a folder in the C: drive because of short paths.

CMD as Administrator

mkdir c:\azure-intune-apps

put the .exe file in here

mkdir c:\azure-intune-apps\barracuda

Get ITW client with git so you can just git pull latest

cd c:\azure-intune-apps
git clone

Get the MSI from the exe

cd C:\azure-intune-apps\barracuda

adding new folder to store MSI and the intunewin file. Some people make more organized folders.

NetworkAccessClient_5.3.3-17_x64.exe /s /x /b"C:\azure-intune-apps\bcuda5.3.3-17_x64"

Note: make sure there is no space between /b and the path or it will fail, so /b”C:\azure-….”

If you get asked to install the app, say no, then look in C:\azure-intune-apps\bcuda5.3.3-17_x64 for BarracudaNAC.msi

Make the intunewin file

cd C:\azure-intune-apps\Microsoft-Win32-Content-Prep-Tool

IntuneWinAppUtil -c C:\azure-intune-apps\barracuda\ -s C:\azure-intune-apps\bcuda5.3.3-17_x64\BarracudaNAC.msi -o C:\azure-intune-apps\bcuda5.3.3-17_x64

cd C:\azure-intune-apps\bcuda5.3.3-17_x64



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