Chrome Remote Desktop Lock Screen

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Don’t want someone looking at your screen that you are remoted into using Chrome Remote Desktop?

Here’s the link to Google’s support page for it.

Here are the shortcuts to Mac only. Why not Windows 10? Because you have to set RDP to allow connections from any security level. You should only have it set to require high Encryption.

On your Max, open terminal:

Set the default value of RemoteAccessHostRequireCurtain to true using the defaults command for both the current user and root:

defaults write RemoteAccessHostRequireCurtain -boolean true
sudo defaults write RemoteAccessHostRequireCurtain -boolean true

To restore RemoteAccessHostRequireCurtain, delete the key from the defaults for the current user and root:

defaults delete RemoteAccessHostRequireCurtain 
sudo defaults delete RemoteAccessHostRequireCurtain

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