Xiaomi Yi Focus Fix

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I finally decided to see if I could improve my Xiaomi Yi’s focus.

There are many reports of them being sold as selfie cameras more than landscape cameras. I found this to be true.

I watched youtube clips and read blog posts and did my own experimenting.

There’s a ton of info already on how to open the Yi and remove the glue from the lens so I’m not adding that here.

I was surprised at the results, so here are my focus examples, as well a tip.

  1. Tip – use a soldering iron on its lowest setting with a needle tip to remove the glue. Much better than stressing the frame trying to use a screwdriver or Exacto
  2. Before and after lens rotation pics.
    xiaomi-yi-focus-fix-original-position xiaomi-yi-focus-fix-completed
  3. GIF of focus comparison. Very excited that my drone videos will be sharper!

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