My #SaveTheBees phrases

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We’re running out of bees. Here are some phrases I thought could be useful:

  • No Bees = No Food
  • Bees Are Life
  • No Bees No Fruit
  • No More Bees, No More People
  • When Bees Die So Do We
  • We Need More Bees
  • Pollination Power
  • Pollinate or Die
  • We need more bees than we do more people
  • Bees, the original honey do list
  • Queen bees make honey do lists
  • We need pollination Power
  • The power of pollination
  • Nation of Pollination
  • The nation of pollination needs our help
  • Bees pollinate so we can populate
  • Save the nation of pollination

What do you guys think?

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