Add random string to a field using SQL Update

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Here’s a simple script to add a random string to a SQL Update:

update <dbname>

This will update each row with a distinct 8 alphanumeric characters, e.g. C2552926

Breaking this down in terms of functionality:

NEWID() – generates a UUID

VARCHAR(40) – tells CONVERT() what string data type, max len 40

CONVERT() – takes the UUID and converts it to a string .

SUBSTRING(...0,9) – takes the value of CONVERT and takes from position 0-9, leaving 8 chars. In this case, we only want the first 8 chars because the 9th is a dash). There’s nothing wrong with adding the dash,

Changing 9 to 50 leaves us this:


If you need to make a complex password in T-SQL, check out this post.

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